First Day in Japan | Episode 1

On this career break I plan on keeping a daily log of all my expenses as I try to travel around Asia on a $5,000 budget. This budget includes everything from airfare, lodging, ground transportation, food/drinks, and activities. This is my first day in Japan and my first day on my career break.

How much I spent my first day traveling in Tokyo:

Total money left: $5,000 – $73.36 = $4,926.64

[Update 12/1/2016] I forgot to include the train ride from the airport to my hostel in the video. Thus, I had more expenses on my first day than the video intended.

Where I stayed:


Anne Hostel Yokozuna
4 Chome-38-5 Ryogoku
Sumida, Tokyo

Use Agoda to book a room at Anne Hostel Yokozuna

This hostel is probably one of the best bang for your buck hostel that you’re going to find in Tokyo. I booked into a 8 bed dorm room for only ¥1,625 ($14.42 USD) a night. On my first night my dorm room had 5 out of the 8 beds booked and the second night it only had 4 out of 8 booked. The hostel does not provide any breakfast but it does offer green tea for free. Most other hostels and capsule hotels will range above $20+ a night.

Also, this hostel is right off a JR station (Ryogoku Station). An easy access from both airports (Haneda & Narita) and a great for travelers looking to get a JR pass. If you’re on a budget, I would highly recommend you look into staying at the Anne Hostel Yokozuna. They also have a sister property that’s located in Asakusabashi. I have not yet stayed at the sister property but after staying at the Yokozuna site the other site should be comparable.

How I traveled in the city:


Here is how you buy a Suica card

This is a loadable card that allows you to get through station tolls easily. It’s very convenient and ticketless. So you don’t have to waste time buying tickets at each station you enter.

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