Launch of New Award Booking Service

In an effort to offer unique service to our readers, we are excited to announce the launch of our “Award Booking Service“. Please see in the menu above of our award booking services.

What is Award booking service?

It’s a service where professionals help you redeem points and miles efficiently to get the travel experience you want. For an example, travelling in premium cabins is a dream for most of us, but it can be reality that’s the power of frequent flyer miles. Being able to book miles/points into premium cabins for a cheap price.

Award seats are very limited and the availability vary greatly. With our Award booking service,  you can have our expertise at your disposal to find an award seat that works for you.

How does it work?

1. Submit your award request.  See below how to begin using our services.
2. Consult with experts. You’ll be assigned a personal award consultant and advise you about the details of your request.
3. Receive your itinerary. Based on your booking details we’ll provide you the best possible award.
4. Approve & Enjoy your award. Upon an agreed itinerary we’ll finalize your mileage award and you’ll be glad you chose our services.

Why should I consider using an award booking service?

Most of the award bookings are simple, but it is time consuming to find award availability and be aware of all the rules. Here are some potential advantages to going with our award booking service:

Better Award Availability.  Many people assume that if their airline tells them there are no award seats available, then it must be true.  Our booking service can often find the seats that don’t appear to exist.

Save Miles & Money.  Our award booking service will know which of your points can get you to your destination and back for the lowest cost in terms of both miles and cash.  Ideally we know which options to avoid due to high fuel surcharges or unfavorable award charts. And, we know how to stretch your miles further by taking maximum advantage of flexible routing rules such as layovers and open-jaws.

Better flight experience.  Our award booking service will know which flights have the best seats and service and will try to get you on those flights.  And, we’ll proactively find itineraries with the fewest stops and shortest layovers (while avoiding layovers that risk missed connections).

Less Aggravation.  Booking award travel can be a huge headache.  Simply finding available award seats can be difficult.  With some airlines, booking award travel can be extremely difficult even when the award seats are available!  Our award booking service will do the hard work for you even if it means calling an airline a dozen times until they find someone who knows how to book your flight.

What are your prices?

Prices vary depending on the complexity of your itinerary. For full price details please click the links directed to “Airline Award Booking” or “Hotel Award Booking“.

How do I use this service?

Please read further details and request through our Airline or Hotel award booking services. Once you submit a form with the details of your journey, please submit your deposit in order for us to begin working on your booking request.

Refer-A-Friend Program

Earn extra cash rewards for referring your friends and family to our services. During the booking phase referrals will need to input the referrer’s information as a reference. Referrer shall receive $10 each for new referral generated by the referrer. Credit shall only be awarded for referrals that use our services.

Jon Jovi

Jon Jovi Olaveja is the founder and editor in chief of Points of Early Retirement. He is passionate about saving money by traveling the world on points and teaching others how to accomplish this. He loves to write about travel and personal finance.

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  • heavenlyjane

    It would be helpful to know your prices.

    • Under how to use the services. Click on the links directed to either “airline” or “hotel”. The prices will be displayed there.