Tips & Tricks: How to Increase Your Amex Credit Limit In Seconds

Having a large credit limit is very important because it is closely related to your credit utilization. Now credit utilization is one of the most important components of the FICO score, worth 30% of your score to be exact.  With that in mind, it’s almost impossible to get a large credit limit without having an already established credit history. I have multiple friends that have been in positions where it’s hard to collect miles/points with only a $500 credit limit.

For those with an American Express (Amex) card. You have the opportunity to increase that limit within a matter of seconds. Instead of waiting for Amex to increase your credit limit you can personally request to increase your limit up to 3 times your balance amount. The great thing about AMEX is that they do not do a hard pull for their credit limit increase requests. Today, I will show you how to can request an increase.

1. Log into your account.

2. Click on “Account Services”


3. Click on Credit Management > Increase Line of Credit

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4. Enter your 4-digit security code on your AMEX card

AMEX Increase 3

5. Enter the amount you want to increase to and annual income. For your increase, only limit it up to 3 times your balance (e.g. $5,000 balance so request only up to $15,000). In addition, if you request an amount more than $25,000 Amex sometimes will request additional support. Like requesting a 4506T form which asks if Amex can obtain your tax return transcript from IRS in order to verify income.

AMEX Increase 4

6. You will get an instant decision on your approval.
AMEX Increase

I had a Starwood Preferred Guest card with a limit of $10,500. I decided I wanted to put in a request to increase up to $24,000 and I was instantly approved. Now my overall utilization will be even lower and I didn’t have to take a hard inquiry to achieve it.

Questions & Answers: 

Q: Will there be a hard inquiry when requesting a credit limit increase?
A: With Amex there is no hard inquiry. As Amex will base their decision off the soft inquiry they pull on your account. It is common for Amex to have pulled a soft inquiry on your account at least 3-4 times in a year.

Q: When can you request a credit limit increase?
A: You can request an AMEX credit limit increase after 60 days your accounts has been opened or at least 6 months after your last credit limit increase.

Q: If I have multiple Amex cards, can I request a credit limit increase for each card?
A: Yes you may. However, the 6 month rule applies to all cards held by the same cardholder.

Q: Can you request a credit increase on same card after 6 months?
A: Yes, this is a perfect way to get a low credit card limit to a high credit limit in a year (e.g. increase your limit from $2,500 to $7,500 then to $22,500 in a year).

Jon Jovi

Jon Jovi Olaveja is the founder and editor in chief of Points of Early Retirement. He is passionate about saving money by traveling the world on points and teaching others how to accomplish this. He loves to write about travel and personal finance.

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  • Amy

    AMEX does not approve on the spot. It takes 7-10 business days. I had an emergency and requested $400 temp increase. Denied. Card in good standing, pay on time. Extremely disappointed.

    • Jon Jovi

      @Amy: Have you had your card for at least 60 days or requested an increase between your other AMEX cards within the past 6 months before this request? That may have affected your decision. Another factor could have been if you have a high utilization ratio. This is one of the common reasons why cardholders will get denied because their debt to income ratio is high. On the bright side, for denials you can apply again after 90 days for the increase (on same card) and these inquiries don’t take a hit on your report.

  • HankHill

    this worked for me in a heart beat, was at $12k with $5k debt. used these steps and got an automatic increase to $25k like it was nothing. Funds available within 15 mins of request. Thanks for this guide!

    • Jon Jovi

      @HankHill Thanks! I’m glad this worked out for you!

  • Joy B.

    I have 2 Am Express cards with low CL. Both cards are coming up on the 61 dat mark. Should I ask for a CLI on both? What are my chanel of getting both cards CLI? OR Should I ask for an increase on one and wait 180 days to ask on the other?

    • Jon Jovi

      @Joy – The 6 month rule applies to all cards held by the cardholder. So you can only apply to 1 card then wait 6 months for the next increase.

  • Dakota N.

    I just received my new EveryDay card yesterday, called an confirmed it this afternoon, then went online 10 minutes later and requesting a credit increase from $2,000 to $6,000. $6,000 was declined, but I was approved for $4,000. 🙂

    • Glad that this worked. Interesting data point that they accepted the increase request withing 60 days of account opening!

  • Gino J.

    I too just received my EveryDay card. Hopped online to increase my limit and was instantly approved. I asked to increase x2.5, but they declined and was approved for x2! Hope this helps others!

    • That’s a good data point. I recently just did this with my Everyday card as well and I tried for a $10,000 increase but was only approved $6,700 increase. Seeing a lot of data points showing Everyday Card approving less than people asked but still getting approved nonetheless.

      • Kim Carlos

        Mine said it had to be reviewed but I have a great history with them. I’m betting I asked for too much of an increase. Do you know if they will just assign me a lower limit I’m eligible for or just out and out deny?

        • Yes, there is still a chance that Amex will still offer you a lower credit limit. Even though they don’t approve your request amount.

  • echo1284

    man, worked! I just opened mine before Christmas and had a 4,500 limit. Charged 3k and paid 850 on it. I asked for a 10k increase and it worked in seconds. Thanks! I needed this utilization!

  • Axel

    Do they tell you if your increase was approved instantly?
    I made a request a couple of days ago, I had a credit limit of $1000 and asked for a $3000 limit but they said that my request had been sent and I was to get a letter in the mail in 5-7 business days. Was I denied?

    • Yes, you should have received instant confirmation whether you got approved. If it went to review it doesn’t necessarily mean you got denied but they would need more time to consider your request. At this point I’d suggest to wait and see what was the outcome. If you get denied you can always wait 6 months and try again.

  • Fernando

    It worked for me! from $10,500 into $24k instantly. Thanks much for the tip sir!

  • Derek

    In 1986 I had AMEX Goldcard charge card, but lost my job and “lost” the card. Last month I was approved for a Delta AMEX with $10K limit. When I call AMEX they always thank me for my membership dating back to 1986. Should I try to apply for a AMEX charge card again?

    • If the card is officially canceled then I believe you could sign up for it again. Especially if it was before the language change for earning sign up bonuses. Nowadays AMEX restricts earning the sign-up bonus again once you’ve already received it. Doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you applied. So in this case it’s a your mileage may vary.

  • John

    I’ve has my AmEx card 8 years with a $1000 limit and have never asked for an increase.
    My Fico is 735 but I do have 4000 K on two other cars 2 k each that I’m paying off in double the minimum.
    Should I ask for an increase to 3K or more and do you think they will approve me?
    BTW all my AmEx charges have always been paid in full over the 8 years.

    • Yes, if you haven’t asked an increase and have good credit then definitely ask for $3000. You most likely would be approved. If not then there is no harm in trying since you won’t be hit with a hard pull.

  • UEG

    Worked for me too. Went from $1200 CL on my 4 month old Amex Blue Cash Everyday card to $3600 instantly. Said the new credit line would be available in 15 minutes. I clicked back on the home screen and my new CL was already updated.