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La Fortuna Waterfalls, Costa Rica

La Fortuna Waterfalls, Costa Rica

Greetings and Salutations!

My name is Jon Jovi Olaveja and I’m here to offer my expertise and advice to you, an aspiring traveler and early retiree. In 2013, I dipped my feet into the world as what most miles and points collectors call travel hacking. Before I even got to the path of of miles and points I built a foundation of being frugal and saving as much as I can. It seems that these two would compliment one another because being frugal in turn makes you want to spend just as less as you can whenever you would want to travel.

On top of Rockafeller Center New York, New York

On top of Rockafeller Center
New York, New York

I’m an auditor by day and wouldn’t you know it. It makes sense that I’m a numbers type of guy. If the numbers does not add up in my favor then I will walk away from that deal and suggest you to do the same. Furthermore, I’ll try to find an alternative approach that doesn’t require you to break the bank or is a better deal. I’m pretty sure you as a traveler don’t want to be paying retail price when you can get it for cheap or free sometimes.

London Bridge, United Kingdom

London Bridge, United Kingdom

Now it brings up why is this website called the POINTS of Early Retirement. This website was developed to help create your own a path to retirement while still being able to travel leisurely.  I’m currently not retired (still in my 20’s) but well on my way to early retirement within the next 15 years. I’ll definitely retire before I hit 40 years old and I will try to guide you to your own path of retirement.

I look forward to discussing with all of you. If you have any questions, tips/tricks, or just want to chat about traveling and personal finance in general. You can make a comment on my “Ask Me Anything” page or shoot me an email through the contact form below.

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