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Made my booking and traveling easy.

I decided that I wanted to take a trip to Japan last Fall 2016 but I have never traveled anywhere by myself before, so it was a huge leap. I was researching around and got so intimidated by all the things that I had to do, all the confusion on booking flights and didn't know how to use my points.Then I remembered that Jon Jovi was the PRO at these things. Decided to ask him for help and it was the best decision I ever made. He helped me book my flights with my points and the cost of it was cheap. He even consulted with me about my Airbnb and helped me make an itinerary for when I was there. I thought I was being a huge bother because I kept asking questions but he was always helpful and never made it seem like it was a bother at all.All in all my first experience with traveling was a success because of Jon Jovi and now I have the travel bug and I just want to travel the world! I HIGHLY recommend his service, he has so much knowledge to share, you will not be disappointed.

by Jamie Estinos on Points of Early Retirement
Thank You!

My journey through Asia - Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Thailand to be specific, and my most recent trip to Quebec City, would not have been possible without Jon Jovi's assistance in the searching and booking process. He made the entire process of booking easy, informational, and cheap. I am thankful to be able to reach out to him whenever I have questions about managing travel rewards and booking flights. I am glad that he started an award booking service that inspires and motivates people to explore the world for a fraction of the cost. Something that he is really passionate about and pledges to make it happen!

You won't find a more knowledgeable or helpful guy

Jon Jovi from Points of Early Retirement is passionate about traveling abroad for pennies on the dollar. He's so passionate about traveling that he routinely stays up late (i.e. 2-3AM) to help dozens of people figure out the optimal way to maximize their points, which flights to book, where to stay, and what to eat. Using myself as an example, back in 2015, Jon Jovi knew I was getting married in 2016. He advised my then fiancee and I to take advantage of a number of credit card offers to earn a significant number of points that we then used to book round-trip business class flights to Italy. Without being asked to, he even continued to check the price of the flights over the coming months to find us the best possible value for our points! Who does that?! Further, I know Jon Jovi's done this for dozens of our friends and they'll all tell you a similar version of the story I just told you. Jon Jovi's the real deal and if you need help booking a vacation using points, he's definitely someone you should place your trust in.

Great help!!

Jon Jovi and this website has been a great help. It has provided sooooo many travel tips for me. By advising me on how to spend my points most effectively, to be able to travel to Europe (twice!) in one year!! I paid a grand total of $1000 for everything (flights, hotels, AirBnB, food, other expenses). For roughly about 2 months of traveling, that's quite the steal (and I love to eat)!! I would definitely recommend Jon Jovi and his award booking service to anyone who's looking to travel and save a ton of money.