Award Challenge: How to Get A Trip to Hawaii For Less Than $20

Jon Jovi

Jon Jovi Olaveja is the founder and editor in chief of Points of Early Retirement. He is passionate about saving money by traveling the world on points and teaching others how to accomplish this. He loves to write about travel and personal finance.

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  1. Samanthatmly says:

    Award challenge: Japan! Like me, you must know of others who want to head to japan, especially for the Spring!

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    • Jaque says:

      Looking forward to that.@Grant- Transferring UR pniots to Southwest, BA or United at a 1:1 ratio could be a great deal since you could book flights higher than the 1 cent per point value of the UR point if you redeem for cash back. With the Sapphire Preferred you get a 1.25 cent value when redeeming for flights through the Ultimate Rewards portal which is different from transferring to an airline partner.@Mo Karney You also have to factor in a $250 fuel surcharge per leg so ~$1,000 for a coach redemption to India if you use Avios pniots which doesn’t make this such a good deal in coach. I suggest using to see if there are any flights to India for 80K miles roundtrip in coach.

    • Harish says:

      Add me to those whose UA transfers do not show up intntasly. The first time I did it a month ago, the points took an overnight for the points to show up. Subsequently 2 more transfers yielded 2 different experiences first one it was instant like it should have been, second one the total of UA balance on the front page reflected the points coming in, but the activity details did not show it and the detailed account page total did NOT include the points coming in. It took a few hours for the activity page to update and the total on the detailed page changed to match the total on the front page.Tonight I did a 1K to test and it was instant. Then I thought it was good to go to transfer a 12K amount and it hit the glitch like before the front page total reflected the 12K coming in, but the activity page as well as the detailed page did not show the 12K. Hopefully it would be like last time that it would self-correct itself in a few hours time. Why it would behave in such peculiar way, especially after a successful test? This is truly frustrating.

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